Foxtrot Stables

Sold -Cody the Mini Stallion, we had him for 3yrs. Then when I had kids we decided that he was to much to handle. He is now having a great life making babies at a breeding farm

Sold- Rumble, Dennis’s horse replaced with a motorcycle, hopefully making kids happy at the teen ranch.

Sold- Monty, lost touch with his owner 

Past -Demi, Lil one never really got to live, but she will never be forgotten

 Past - Howard the Duck the best sexually Devient Duck ever

 Past - We saved Penny from the meat man at Olex in April 2011. Unfortuantly we lost her as quickly as we got her. She died Sept 28th from colic. We lost a gentle soul full of potentional.

 Past -Scooby Doo Had her for a year before she had to be put down after complications of a broken back

 Past- Noodles the best dog ever 

 Past -Toby, My 17hh Gentle Giant he was my fourth level dressage horse that I never truly got to enjoy. He coliced severely needed surgery and never truly came back. He was truly loved

Past - Pal, a OTTB was rescued thru canter, he had 2 wonderful years with us and until he was kicked in the paddock, breaking his hock. I like to think we gave him the best years of his life

Past -Burt (aka Burt-a-saurus-rex) is a 29yr old appy. He was bought as a trail horse for my dad 10 yrs ago and has worked his way into our hearts. He was used for trail, team penning and some western gaming. He was retired due to blindness from uvitis in 2008. He pasted peacfully in 2011 after a battle with cushings. He will be truly missed

 Sold  Max, after 10 yrs of fun and games with Max. It was time for him to find a new home. He was sold to 2 very nice ladies that are treating him like a king. I still remain in contact with the owners

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